Commercial Services
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AmeriCoat Asphalt & Concrete offers a wide range of services for commercial asphalt and concrete projects. Property managers, contractors and business owners all trust AmeriCoat to provide unprecedented professionalism with a can-do, easy to work with attitude!

Asphalt Paving

AmeriCoat has the right manpower and equipment to professionally perform all commercial paving jobs. Our technicians have extensive trade experience and our equipment is well maintained and highly functional to make sure your commercial project is completed on time. We strive to provide our commercial customers a premium product, while having the least amount of interference with their business, tenants or residents.

Concrete Paving

AmeriCoat's commercial concrete division has the ability to provide quality new build work and perform large scale renovations to existing businesses, housing communities and municipalities. If you need your storefront ADA ramp to meet compliance or need a large warehouse floor poured, we will treat your project as our number one priority.


Asphalt Milling

If you are a contractor who needs trenches milled out full depth or a paving contractor who needs asphalt milled out on your project, give AmeriCoat a call. We have milling machinery that will mill up to a depth of 12". We have competitive daily rental rates that include an experienced operator and can provide trucking as well.

Asphalt Patchwork & Infrared Repair

When a complete asphalt removal and replacement is not needed or in the budget, a cost effective alternative is to cut out and replace the worst areas of asphalt. AmeriCoat can provide good advice and address the appropriate areas so our clients receive the best value. Also, when emergencies or potholes arise in the winter time, we have the ability to perform permanent repairs by using an infrared machine and hot mix.


Drainage Installation

If you have water leaching up through cracks and seams of your paving surface, chances are you have an underground water problem and need a professional drainage solution. If not addressed, a water saturated base will lead to premature fracturing and deterioration of your pavement. AmeriCoat can design and perform all types of drainage installation and repair.
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Commercial Sealcoating

The commercial sealcoating division at AmeriCoat applies an environmentally friendly and durable product to your asphalt surface by squeegee machine, spraying or a combination of both. We also provide hot pour crackfilling, line striping and parking block installation. Whether done alone or in conjunction with needed patchwork, properly applying a protective coating is the best way to prolong the life of your pavement.